A word from the President Felix Portier


“Upon my arrival at the University of Geneva in September 2019, I was lucky enough to be able to immediately join the Swiss Diplomacy Student Association. As a student of International Relations, the idea of finding a university association on the subject of diplomacy seemed natural to me in a city that is the multilateralism capital of the world. However, this was not always the case. Before the creation of the SDSA by its founding president Pablo Demierre, the UNIGE was missing an association that would link it to the world of international relations.

I had the opportunity to enter into this beautiful association almost from the beginning, and the honour and privilege to directly access a position of responsibility as the first head of the journalism department. Passionate about international relations and the press since my youth, and with experience as a journalist within various French-speaking Swiss medias, this path seemed natural to me. My interest in international affairs can be explained by my multiple origins (Chablais, French and Chilean) as well as by my life experience, having grown up in Australia and Switzerland and lived in Russia.

The Covid-19 pandemic a few months after the launch of the SDSA presented us with a great challenge. In this time of crisis, we implemented the Flash News. My experience in SDSA was then enriched in September 2021 when I became Internal Vice President.

Finally, since May 2022, I have had the honour of serving as President of the Swiss Diplomacy Student Association. In my role, I feel fully dedicated to making the SDSA shine and to making it a lasting bridge between student Geneva and international Geneva.”