The Webmaster Department maintains the association’s website, ensures that it is always up-to-date, and manages any issues that may arise. The Webmaster collaborates closely with the Journalism Department and with the broader association as a whole. Other duties include benchmarking articles and encouraging interaction between readers and members of the association.

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Giulia Marchetti

“My professional, academic and personal ambitions push me to learn to constantly reinvent myself. I was therefore immediately attracted by the approach of the Webmaster Department, which allows its members -even non-experts, as in my case- the practical opportunity to learn more about the basics of coding and the general upkeep of a website. This opened the doors to a new domain, totally unknown to me until presently, which I am now passionate about.
Moreover, openness, tolerance, listening, respect and benevolence are values that are at the heart of the SDSA philosophy and of my own way of conceiving human relationships. I identify myself entirely with these elements and believe that I can make my own contribution to this student edifice that is the association through my unfailing determination, my intellectual curiosity and my subsequent involvement in updating and translating the Italian version of the site.”



Alexandra Mina 

“Being a member of the Webmaster department allows me to constantly be developing my digital and translation skills, thus immersing myself in an environment that is conducive to personal development while also fostering my professional ambitions. As a native English speaker, I am in charge of the English translation of the website, as well as contributing to the regular updating of its content. I strongly believe in promoting and encouraging diplomacy through digital interactions in the most accessible form possible; thus I am motivated by the idea of being able to contribute to this via this website.”



Inés Portillo 

“I am very grateful that the SDSA has allowed me to learn about the functioning of diplomacy and the history and culture of Switzerland. I am certainly happy to be part of an association that brings diplomacy closer to students thanks to all the events, conferences, workshops, and news. Concretely, in the Webmaster department, I was looking forward to putting into practice what I am learning in my Master en Traîtement Informatique Multilingue (computer processing) at the FTI and fortunately, I am learning and developing new skills.”