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A word from Emma Lavergne Chuan, SDSA Lausanne President



“With Eurasian origins, the dichotomy of these cultures that I embody has always intrigued and questioned me. The relations between the Western and Asian worlds are at the core of many current diplomatic issues.
This is why the choice to join the SDSA appeared to me as an enriching opportunity that could provide an added value to my academic curriculum. Currently a 2nd year BA student in Political Science at the University of Lausanne, it is very thrilling to be able to be part of this association which nurtures diplomatic culture in an interdisciplinary way and which organizes various events with noble values”




 Paul Vann – Treasurer


“As a law student, my keen interest in international and European law naturally brought me to the SDSA. I discovered the atmosphere of diplomacy and what builds bridges between peoples. I appreciate the seriousness and the significance of our association towards the institutions.”






Zoé Corthay – Head of Conferences, Workshops and Culture & Institutions Departments


“I joined the SDSA Lausanne at the beginning of the Fall semester in 2021. Pursuing a Political Science degree, I have acquired many theoretical skills on the subject of diplomacy. Deepening and applying my knowledge on the subject outside of my classes was an obvious choice. Being part of the SDSA and the Lausanne committee allows me to develop many practical skills such as my negotiation and collaboration skills. Moreover, the active participation in the activities proposed by the association allows me to acquire knowledge that will help me enter the professional world with more ease.”





Morgane Tuberosa – Secretary General


“Currently a student in my last year of a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Lausanne, I wanted to get involved in a student association in order to take full advantage of university life and to meet other students who share my values. As I am passionate about international issues and politics, the SDSA appeared to me as an obvious choice, as it fully corresponds to my interests. The possibility of acquiring skills and developing new knowledge through conferences, workshops or cultural activities attracted me, as the SDSA stands out for its professional dimension. I was immediately attracted by the association’s purpose and I am now very interested in the development of the Lausanne branch and wish to contribute fully to the construction of this flourishing project. “





Audrey Adehossi – Head of the Community Manager Department


As a Masters of Political Science Student with a  Globalisation major, and having grown up in a multicultural and cosmopolitan environment, being surrounded by different cultures has always been a part of my daily life. Being particularly interested in questions of globalisation and inter-state relations, and wanting to work in a humanitarian NGO in the future, joining the SDSA, an organisation promoting multiculturalism, diplomacy and respect seemed in accordance with my values and my professional future. I joined the SDSA as Community Manager in the spring semester of 2022, and helping the Lausanne branch of the association to grow and become better known by introducing diplomacy to as many people as possible is a perfect mix of everything I like to do!





Aurélie Hadid – Head of the Workshop Department


My name is Aurélie Hadid and I am currently in third year of a Bachelor in Law. Questions surrounding diplomacy have always captivated me ever since my first year at university, but having not found enough information sources as I would’ve like on this subject, I was left eager to know more. The SDSA Lausanne therefore appeared to be the ideal association to discover and share my knowledge with other students equally interested by these topics! Particularly interested in the format of workshops that allow learning through concrete situations, I was naturally drawn to the position of Head of the Workshop Department. 






Inès Stooss – Head of the Human Resources Department


As a student in a Bachelor of Psychology, I also work part-time in a Swiss recruitment agency. The Human Resources Department of the SDSA allows me to use my knowledge while being a part, during my university career, of a group of motivated and professional students. The SDSA allows me to prepare my future and to enlarge my network while deepening my knowledge on the international challenges that punctuate our daily life. 








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