The Workshop Department is an interactive department that offers activities in which participants can acquire new skills in different topics through round tables with experts or develop skills related to diplomacy such as negotiation, project management, or rhetoric skills. The aim of the workshops is to encourage members to think about diplomatic issues and also to give participants the opportunity to acquire new skills during their time as students, which will later help them stand out on the labour market.

We offer a wide range of various activities. Over the past two years, we’ve had the opportunity to organise mock diplomatic negotiations during war times, an introductory day to international humanitarian law through a VR workshop at the ICRC, as well as a debate with an active diplomat on the topic of Swiss foreign policy.

Through our workshops, we aim to give participants an overview of the challenges that different diplomatic actors around the world face, and therefore help them prepare to deal with different situations and help them understand what an issue is.
Thus, the Workshop Department creates a link between what is being taught at university, which can be abstract, and the concrete implications in the reality of the diplomatic world.

We think that allowing students to discover diplomacy through practicality is fundamental for a better global comprehension of how international relationships work and what is at stake.

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Natacha Pambou-Orski

“I joined the SDSA in 2020 to fully immerse myself within International Geneva during my first year of studies in Political Science. As a child of the world having lived in around 10 different countries, diplomacy and international organisations are a part of a world that not only interests me, but is in accordance with my life project. The SDSA and the Workshop Department offer to those who are interested, valuable experience and tools that will be of great use in their professional lives.”