Department Overview :


The Workshop Department is an interactive department that offers activities in which participants can acquire new skills in different topics through round tables with experts or develop skills related to diplomacy such as negotiation, project management, or rhetoric skills. The aim of the workshops is to encourage members to think about diplomatic issues and also to give participants the opportunity to acquire new skills during their time as students, which will later help them stand out on the labour market.

We offer a wide range of various activities. Over the past two years, we’ve had the opportunity to organize mock diplomatic negotiations during war times, an introductory day to international humanitarian law through a VR workshop at ICRC, as well as a debate with an active diplomate on the topic of Swiss foreign policy.

Through our workshops, we aim to give participants an overview of the challenges that different diplomatic actors around the world face, and therefore help them prepare to deal with different situations and help them understand what an issue is.

Thus, the Workshop Department creates a link between what is being taught at university, which can be abstract, and the concrete implications in the reality of the diplomatic world.

We think that allowing students to discover diplomacy through practicality is fundamental for a better global comprehension of how international relationships work and what is at stake.



A word from the department’s chief Sarah Dupérier : 


“Given that I have a communication’s degree and am motivated by foreign affairs and international advocacy, joining the SDSA in 2019 was obvious for me. Managed by an open and down-to-earth team, the association allows students to take a first step toward the diplomatic world by helping them to get informed and to actively create a network.

As chief of the Workshop Department, my team and I create links between professional diplomats and our young audience. We give them tools to negotiate, to speak in public effectively and to understand the different challenges facing us.”






Victoria Schmidt :


“I joined the association at the beginning of my first year of studies in international relations. Eager to reach my professional goals, I am keen on acquiring all the necessary skills that are part of the associative life. I was right away attracted by this interesting and welcoming community that encourages us to get more involved in the world of diplomacy.

Learning and thriving in this environment is ideal, and I know that my taste for global issues will grow alongside this association in the future.

Our association aims to be an active and supportive group that sets the stage to address the issues and challenges of tomorrow. This is exactly why I feel a part of this community.”





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