Department Overview :


Vice Presidency

The SDSA’s Vice-Presidency is comprised of two positions that are very attractive for ambitious people. The main goal is to be available for the association’s members and the different departments. The array of tasks is wide and can include answering a simple question, coordinating different activities in collaboration with other associations or resolving tenuous situations. Being diplomatic is therefore mandatory, as well as being at ease with people and knowing how to keep things confidential. It is important that members have a trustworthy person to confide in, which brings us to a second point: the vice-president’s role is to support the president. It is true that it is not easy having a global overview of the situation, their role is therefore to help the president see the bigger picture. Furthermore, the Vice-Presidency bolsters the implementation of a long-term vision. Which is why duties are split between two positions:

  • Internal Vice-Presidency: main duties include managing and coordinating the operations of the association
  • External relations Vice-Presidency: duties include project management but also maintaining contact and relationships with external collaborators and acting a mediator between the association and guest speakers, professionals, and partner branches of the association throughout Switzerland


A word from the Internal Vice President Félix Portier :


“Since my early days, I have two passions : international relations and the media. This appeal for everything related to everything that is international can be explain by my various roots (from Chablais, France and Chile) as well as by life experience, having grown up in Australia and Switzerland. 

 My interest for the media started when I was a child where I would read newspapers, that could be found everywhere in my house. Over time, this appeal for press articles did not leave me, and as a tireless reader of francophone-swiss press, I had the opportunity to complete an internship at the 24 heures newspaper, and in 2015 I worked as a sports journalist for Le Matin before before pursuing a Bachelor in international Relations at the MGIMO University in Moscow.  

Back in Switzerland to pursue a Master’s Degree at the GSI (MAREM), I discovered the SDSA when it was just beginning, and I naturally decied to join this wonderful project, that stunningly grew over a year, thanks to the passion of its members. Thanks to my experience in journalism, I was able to make myself useful as Head of the Journalism Department. What motivates me in this Department is the willingness to make known, with my passionated and talented team, the main geopolitical stakes and international events to our readers. We accomplish this thanks to our article and our “flash news”, thus contributing to the main goal of the SDSA which is to democratize and to make the diplomatic world and international relations more accessible. 

Since September 2021, I have the honor to serve as Internal Vice President.”







A word from the External Vice President Leandra Balthazar Lobo :





“Currently student in a Bachelor in International Relations at the GSI, I have several years of professional background and a rather atypical path. The SDSA appeared to me as an obviousness during my first year at the University of Geneva given that it is a rigorous association that offers the possibility to tackle diplomacy through different aspects thanks to conferences, workshops or reading articles redacted by the Journalism Department. The SDSA echoes not only my values, my favorite topics and the direction I wish to give to my future career. It is a real pleasure to be a part of this association, all of its members have various profiles but a will to work together.”