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The SDSA’s Vice-Presidency is comprised of two positions that are very attractive for ambitious people. The main goal is to be available for the association’s members and the different departments. The array of tasks is wide and can include answering a simple question, coordinating different activities in collaboration with other associations or resolving tenuous situations. Being diplomatic is therefore mandatory, as well as being at ease with people and knowing how to keep things confidential. It is important that members have a trustworthy person to confide in, which brings us to a second point: the vice-president’s role is to support the president. It is true that it is not easy having a global overview of the situation, their role is therefore to help the president see the bigger picture. Furthermore, the Vice-Presidency bolsters the implementation of a long-term vision. 



Célia Mercier

“Guided by the desire to complement my university education in translation through various associative experiences, I joined SDSA in March 2022 within the Culture and Institutions department, which I later co-directed. The SDSA awakened and nurtured my interest in the field of diplomacy, which at the time was still largely unknown to me. This is one of the most beautiful advantages of being involved in associations, at the heart of the learning environment and intellectual stimulation that I discovered. The SDSA, in my eyes, represents an unparalleled opportunity for enrichment, a high-potential project, a community in which I feel fully integrated and that never ceases to pleasantly surprise me. It is this deep-seated trust in the association that led me to the role of vice-president; it is the desire to see the association move forward, continue to grow, assert itself, and consolidate its place within the academic community but also within international Geneva.”

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Yannis Bonnet

“My involvement within the Swiss Diplomacy Student Association was initially motivated by a desire to concretely understand the world of diplomacy. In this regard, my involvement within the association has been a resounding success. Enriched with knowledge and experiences, I, in turn, wish to enable students to flourish in our wonderful association by providing them with numerous high-quality partnerships and events. The External Vice-Presidency will allow me to develop and implement projects that will engage our members and our community and will help keep the spirit of this esteemed institution alive.”

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