Human Resources


The Human Resources department is in charge of good communication and work transparency in order to prevent any conflict between members; in case of altercation, the department ensures mediation bewteen heads of departments, its members and the rest of the association. The department is particularly active during recruitment phases.
In addition, its members are sometimes recquired to support the development of new departments and the opening of a new section within another university.

The Human Resources department acts in a diplomatic way; it requires, among other traits, respect, patience and discipline, which are useful competences for mediation. Furthermore, working for this department demands constant work and a good knowledge of the assocation’s members.

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Alan Genier 

“Born into a multicultural family, with an Indo-Mauritian mother and a Swiss father, I have been in touch with different cultures and communities since my childhood. My upbringing allowed me to develop my empathy and benevolence. After some years working in the insurance field, Political Science is what my mind focused on. Although the professional world remains very interesting on many levels, I felt a strong need to widen my knowledge.
Thanks to my atypical but qualitative profile, I have been co-chief of the Human Resources Department since September 2021. I look forward to finding new perspectives in this association and I will put all of my energy towards facing this new challenge.”




Victoria Tirefort 

“As a student of the Russia-Central Europe Master’s program and coming from a family with multiple origins, I joined the SDSA to become in touch with the world of diplomacy. International and diplomatic relations between countries, as well as their complexity, is a field in which I have always wanted to invest myself, an interest reinforced by my mastery of several foreign languages.
Having grown up in Geneva, a centre of international diplomacy, my wish is to invest myself professionally in this field. I joined the Human Resources department because its role, essential to the smooth running of the association, allows me to put into practice and develop several skills, such as organization or mediation between members. Assiduous and a good listener, I put all my qualities at the service of this department.”



Célia Cherel 

“As a third year Bachelor student in international relations, I wanted to join the associative world before the beginning of my Master’s degree. The SDSA appeared to me as an evident choice, because of its professionalizing aspect and its privileged access to the diplomatic world. Moreover, the association offers a wide range of activities in order to discover the field of international relations, a field in which I am very interested. Thus, I joined the Human Resources department which immediately interested me because it allows me to put into practice several of my skills, notably organization, and to develop new ones, such as conducting an interview. Finally, this department allows me to meet the members of the association with whom I enjoy exchanging.”