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Human Resources


The Human Resources department is in charge of good communication and work transparency in order to prevent any conflict between members; in case of altercation, the department ensures mediation bewteen heads of departments, its members and the rest of the association. The department is particularly active during recruitment phases.
In addition, its members are sometimes recquired to support the development of new departments and the opening of a new section within another university.

The Human Resources department acts in a diplomatic way; it requires, among other traits, respect, patience and discipline, which are useful competences for mediation. Furthermore, working for this department demands constant work and a good knowledge of the assocation’s members.

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Victoria Tirefort 

“As a student of the Russia-Central Europe Master’s program and coming from a family with multiple origins, I joined the SDSA to become in touch with the world of diplomacy. International and diplomatic relations between countries, as well as their complexity, is a field in which I have always wanted to invest myself, an interest reinforced by my mastery of several foreign languages. Having grown up in Geneva, a centre of international diplomacy, my wish is to invest myself professionally in this field. I joined the Human Resources department because its role, essential to the smooth running of the association, allows me to put into practice and develop several skills, such as organization or mediation between members. Assiduous and a good listener, I put all my qualities at the service of this department.”




Emma Leïla Amrouche :

“As a 3rd year Bachelor of Psychology student, I’m proud to be joining the SDSA’s Human Resources Department. My obvious attraction to student associations and my passion for work and organizational psychology naturally led me to becoming actively involved in our association’s Human Resources Department. I’m confident that this experience will enrich me both personally and professionally, enabling me to learn valuable new skills. My goal is to promote an inclusive, collaborative work environment that is conducive to the development of every member on our team.”


Doroteja Krstic :

“As a Bachelor student of Science in Psychology, of Serbian origin and having had the opportunity to live in Switzerland for 11 years, my multilingual background gives me the ability to understand and take a strong interest in multiculturalism and diplomatic relations between countries, but also between people in everyday life. The opportunity offered by the SDSA means a great deal to me, as the association’s fundamental objectives and values such as mutual respect and accessibility to diplomacy-related information, as well as the multiculturality and loyalty factor, align with my inner convictions.”