Human Resources

Department Overview  :


The Human Ressources department is in charge of good communication and work transparency in order to prevent any conflict between members ; in case of altercation, the department ensures mediation bewteen heads of departments, its members and the rest of the association. The department is particularly active during recruitment phases. 

In addition, its members are sometimes recquired to support the development of new departments and the opening of a new section in another university. 


The Human Ressources department acts in a diplomatic way ; it recquires, among other traits, respect, patience and discipline, which are useful competences for mediation. Furthermore, working for this department demands constant work and a good knowledge of the assocation’s members.



A word from the department’s co-chief Leandra Baltazar Lobo : 


“As a current bachelor student in international relations at the GSI, I have already gained some professional experience along a rather atypical path. When I first visited the University of Geneva I knew immediately that I wanted to join the SDSA given that it is a trustworthy association that proposes to engage with all the different aspects of diplomacy through its conferences, workshops and the articles from the journalism department. The SDSA echoes not only my own personal values and the subjects I’m interested in, but also the career path I intend to take in the future. It is a true pleasure to be a part of this association. Its members have all different profiles but share a common willingness to work together. “







David Oliveira Martins, department member : 


“As someone who has been passionate about international history since I was 15 years old, gaining more knowledge in this area was my life goal leading up to when I enrolled in university at the age of 23. After a long academic and professional track in a business school, where I had the opportunity to study theory and intern at the HR department at Caritas Geneva, I enrolled in BARI in 2017. Over the months that followed and after numerous classes, I realized that simply learning and gaining theoretical knowledge was not enough to reach my full potential. It is now through concrete action that I intend to solve this issue, and concrete action means investing my time and energy in the young and dynamic SDSA. It fits well with my outgoing personality and the professional standards it requires as a student association.”






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