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Inviting specialists to talk about their experience, is there any better way to cast light on the mechanics of the diplomatic community?
Briefly stated, our mission is to expose students to the wide range of possibilities linked to diplomacy. To fulfill this mission we organize numerous conferences each year, which demystify the diplomatic world.
Our events offer new insight into a diplomat’s activities and contemporary issues. These are unique opportunities to talk with individuals who are experts in their field and learn more about their professional and personal backgrounds and to discuss specific topics.
Working in our conference department is an excellent opportunity for any students wishing to gain extra-curricular experience. They will develop their sense of initiative and responsibility, and will be part of a tigh tknit team as well as a larger community of students passionate about diplomacy and world affairs.

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Aline Leutwiler


“I have been involved with SDSA for more than two years because I am passionate about its vision to democratize diplomacy. Through the events we organize within the Conference department, we can make open communication with quality speakers accessible to everyone.”




Ryane Belogbi :

“With my passion for diplomacy and international relations, I joined the SDSA in September 2023. My commitment stems from my belief that diplomacy plays an essential role in resolving global conflicts and promoting peace. As an active member, I look forward to collaborating with my peers to contribute to the success of our association and deepen our knowledge in this fascinating field.”




Marylou Blattner :


“As a bachelor’s student in International Relations at Unige and a new member of the Conferences department, I am looking forward to evolving through the multiple meetings and further expanding my intellectual skills thanks to the association as well as the events.”




Anastasiia Shabanova :


“I’m currently in my 2nd year of International Relations (BARI), majoring in economics. I am passionate about the international world of diplomacy and international relations. Bringing knowledge from various fields, I wish to be useful to the world of diplomacy.”




Leen Alnajem :

“As a student in international relations, diplomacy is at the center of my studies, as well as my interests. I have previously lived in multiple countries during my childhood and now that I live in Geneva, the SDSA was the perfect opportunity for me to be more active in the international community and have a better understanding of it. For me, the conference department was what caught my eye when I arrived at university with its great topics, which made me want to be part of it and have a closer look of what happens behind the scenes of organising conferences.”



Arya Cagin :

“When I discovered the various associations at the University of Geneva, I immediately took a particular interest in the SDSA, which I felt represented a valuable opportunity to immerse myself in the field of diplomacy. As a Bachelor’s student in political science, I wanted to enrich my experience by taking part in the activities of an association in line with my personal interests. The wide variety of events organized by the association enabled me to broaden my field of knowledge, and I in turn wanted to get involved in their organization. I joined the conference department, which today enables me to participate in the organization of enriching meetings with a large number of players in the world of diplomacy.”



Mathieu Dombele :


“I have been a member of the SDSA since October 2022, working in the Conferences department. I’m passionate about global geopolitics and its international history, which shapes the major issues facing our world today. In the future, I’d like to get involved in development aid cooperation, to make a positive contribution to the evolution of societies on a global scale.”