Department Overview :


Inviting specialists who talk about their experience, is there any better way to cast light on the mechanics of the diplomatic community ?
Briefly stated, our mission is to expose students to the wide range of possibilities linked to diplomacy. To fulfill this mission we organize numerous conferences each year, which demystify the diplomatic world.
Our events offer new insight into a diplomat’s activities and contemporary issues. These are unique opportunities to talk with individuals who are experts in their field and learn more about their professional and personal backgrounds and to discuss specific topics.
Working is our conference department is an excellent opportunity for any students wishing to gain extra-curricular experience. She/he will develop her/his sense of initiative and responsibility, and will be part of a tightknit team as well as a larger community of students passionate about diplomacy and world affairs.


A word from the department’s co-chief Gabriele Iannizzi: 


“I joined SDSA in September 2019, a few months after its creation. It is with great conviction that I joined this project whose aim is to democratize diplomacy. It is indeed in this domain that I would like to work in the future and in that sense I immediately appreciated the dynamism coming from this young people collective who act as a mediator between the International Geneva and the broader audience. I began as a member of the Journalism Department, I am now co-chief of the Conferences Department, in charge of organizing high profile public events for our members and our future audience.”





A word from the department’s co-chief Callie Furrer: 


« I have been part of the Conference Department since September 2020 and I have recently been appointed as co-chief. My interest for diplomacy started when I was very young during my numerous trips with my parents, and that’s why I’ve been always curious about relationships between countries. Having started my studies in international relationships in Geneva in september 2020, the SDSA seemed like an ideal way to learn more about this field while bein active in the Conference Department »





Victoire Pouleur :



« I joined SDSA to add an experience to my academic career and to improve the different multi-tasking skills required to organize conferences or events in general. Furthermore, the association’s objective, which is to democratize diplomacy, immediately interested me and made think it would be an experience full of discoveries. I think it is a very important topic, especially in Geneva, and that it is a great opportunity for students to be able to understand this field thanks to the association.»





Joelle Fuchs


“Studying international relations gave me a lot of theoretical knowledge that I felt I could not use efficiently. I wanted to get involved in an association with a professionalizing component in order to refine my knowledge in the field of diplomacy and take advantage of my skills acquired during previous professional experiences. The conference department offers me a way to acquire a methodology in the preparation of events, this learning allows me to train myself and will be an asset for my future professional life.”






Marie Duvernois








Alix Dufour