Community Events

Department Overview: 


The aim of the Community Events department is to set up events to promote internal cohesion and to strengthen ties between the members of the association. It can also participate in the organisation of collaborative and inter-associative events.
These events aim at promoting networking and exchanges, mainly within the association, in order to strengthen the team spirit and the links between the different departments. They can also have an informative purpose, help to recruit new members, motivate, or thank existing members and partners.
The Community Events department offers services for the design, management, organisation and promotion of events that meet the wishes and needs of the association.


A word from the Department’s Co-Head Colin Delley:



“The SDSA came to my attention as a particularly interesting and innovative association: through its various activities, such as its conferences, workshops and journalistic articles, it offers privileged spaces for exchange between students and experts in order to better understand the world of diplomacy and current global issues. The SDSA allows me to develop my knowledge and professional skills while building new relationships.
The Community Events department’s mission is to strengthen the association. It is central to the life of the SDSA as it allows us to maintain interpersonal and, above all, interdepartmental relations between members by bringing us together around convivial events throughout the year.”






A word from the Department’s Co-Head Francisco Charrua: 




“Since I started my studies in Geneva, I have been interested in its role in the international scene. Studying in Geneva means being in contact with people from different backgrounds and with diverse perspectives. It was therefore only natural for me to choose the field of International Relations as my field of study. The more I study, the more interested I become in international diplomacy. Therefore, I am happy to have found the SDSA which allowed me to take my first steps in the world of diplomacy. This association has allowed me to meet fantastic people with whom we share common interests and has given me opportunities to learn, develop and put into action skills related to the field of diplomacy and International Relations.”


Malo Scalpi



“I am currently in my last year of International Relations Bachelor at the Global Studies Institute at the University of Geneva. Being part of the SDSA is in my opinion the best way to mature academically. It gave me the possibility to experiment the different skills that I had the opportunity to acquire, and to put them to good use within an association which builds connections with the professional world. As a student, taking part in the SDSA constitutes an opportunity to take my first steps in the International Geneva.”








Cyrine Maknine 



“The diplomatic world has always fascinated me given its dynamics in political and social affairs.
Studying a Bachelor in International Relations, I am passionate about economics and I am specialised in this field, so as to be a major actor in the future on the global stage.
Today, the SDSA constitutes one of my first steps starting a long path in the international Geneva, thanks to networking and the access to different thematics.
Our Department’s first goal is to bring together members. I then chose the “Community Events” Department in order to invest my time into event organisation, a field that I am well versed in.
I have been lucky to work within a motivated, supportive and friendly team, for which I am very grateful.”




Caterina Koon 




“I joined the SDSA in order to have a better understanding of the diplomatic world, and also to have a first opportunity to work in a team. As a new member of the Community Events Department, I was immediately impressed by its member’s open-mindedness and dynamism. The SDSA allows for a broadening of knowledge and networking thanks to activites such as workshops and conferences. I am eager to continue this experience during the next semesters.”