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Community Events


The aim of the Community Events department is to set up events to promote internal cohesion and to strengthen ties between the members of the association. It can also participate in the organisation of collaborative and inter-associative events.
These events aim at promoting networking and exchanges, mainly within the association, in order to strengthen the team spirit and the links between the different departments. They can also have an informative purpose, help to recruit new members, motivate, or thank existing members and partners.
The Community Events department offers services for the design, management, organisation and promotion of events that meet the wishes and needs of the association.

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Emilie Klein:

“The SDSA is the link between the academic world in which I am doing my Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and the professional world of diplomacy. Joining this association has allowed me to practice my subject of study and to meet people with a common interest in a better world. I have been a member of this association since September 2022 and hope that this stepping stone into the diplomatic world is just a first step towards a dedicated career.”




Inès Ben Ahmed :

As a student in the Master of Political Science program at the University of Geneva, I am a multicultural person passionate about the world of politics and diplomacy. My experience within the Swiss Diplomacy Student Association led me to hold the position of head of the community manager department for a year. Today, as a member of the Community Events department, I work on one hand to strengthen cohesion within our association by organizing a range of events, and on the other hand to promote our image externally.”



Catalina Tabaran :

“In my second year of the Master’s program in European Studies at the University of Geneva, my passion for diplomacy has been reinforced through my involvement in research projects on European affairs. Joining the SDSA is not just about an exceptional professional perspective but is also an opportunity for personal enrichment and development as a future diplomat. I am excited to be part of such a stimulating environment and to collaborate alongside individuals who are equally passionate about international issues.”





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