Community Events

Department presentation : 

The goal of the Department is to create events that boost the association’s internal cohesion, but also to promote external activites. Those events can have different objectives. They can aim to inform, allow for knowledge exchange, encourage networking, recruit new members, motivate or thank members or partners, as well as foster team spirit between members. Thus, the Community Events department offers conception activites, management activites, organization activites, and promotion activites according the assocation’s needs.


A word from the department’s chief Loïck Batumba :


“Being a graduate from the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, I work as an Operation Specialist at the IMD Business School where I am in charge of the coaching activites. I recently enrolled in an EMBA at the Haute Ecole de Gestion in Geneva with a specialization in social responsibility for companies. I joined SDSA in order to improve my comprehension of the diplomatic world and to be at the cutting edge of the constant changong world of international relationships. SDSA boasts a wide variety of departments allowing to nurture my curiosity. As chief of Community Events, I work with my members Sophia, Alex and Adrian. Our goal is to improve cohesion between members, reinforce community feeling and create an influent network.” 


Alex Degen:


« I am currently in my last study year in International Relationshipsat the Univeristy of Geneva. Since I chose this path, my interest towards this field and its related topics has not ceased to grow.  My main interest domain is the digital develoment in diplomacy. Even  if traditional diplomacy will stilhh have a major role in the future, it will certainly be changed and completed by numerical development in the cyberspace. I think that given the possible change, i.e. the transition of power hegemony towards Asia, the future promises to be interesting. By joining SDSA, I seek to broaden my horizon in diplomacy and everything that is closely related, while acquiring new key skills for my future career. I am part of the Community Events, and out team’s main goal is to create interaction between members, to create reflexion perspectives on international topics based on common grounds. Through our actions, we aim at creating bonds between out members, and a strong network. »