Department Overview :

The Professional Department’s goal is to make our members and future recruiters meet. We also work toward helping our members better understand recruitment process by offering training modules.



A word from the department’s chief Kaltrina Krasniçi:

« I have always had a strong interest in world affairs, whether they be political, social, economic or environmental. I am therefore very passionate about diplomacy because it is a key point in the important decisions that have been made throughout history. And who studies the past must necessarily look to the future, which is why taking part in the SDSA as the Professional Department’s chief was an obvious decision for me. »






Baptiste Vuilleumier


“Having studied international relations, I have always wished to combine my passion for foreign languages and the professional world. Joining SDSA is for me an excellent way to develop my soft skills, while learning more about the diplomatic career, a long time dream of mine. Having recently being very interested in negociating thanks to an online class, working in the Professional Department allows me to apply acquired skills, so that I can handle more complicated situations in the future in my career.







Céline Purro


“The year 2019 brought with it a big change in my life. After a few years working in the professional world, I decided to study international relations. Inspired by diplomacy, both national and foreign interests, various interactions between actors and willing to know how they all come together, my associative choices were swift. Therefore, I naturally joined SDSA in order to get closer to the diplomatic world, a field of international relations that I consider very important to study in every way. Furthermore, I was particularly interested in the professional department because I consider practice and expertise to be of the upmost importance.”






Béatrice Jotterand










Alexander Pombo Ball


“Roughly three years ago, while still finishing my bachelor’s degree in Political Science, I had the privilege of co-founding and managing a start-up in a new, fast-paced, and increasingly globalized industry. Since then, I have gained valuable insight into the importance of national politics and inter-governmental cooperation for international trade. It is with this insight, as well as with the experiences gained in other sectors and the diplomatic service, that I hope to contribute to the professional department of the SDSA. I aim to do so while acquiring new knowledge and meeting new people with a passion for international affairs”







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