Our activities include detailing past conferences or workshops from SDSA, describing the audience’s response and impressions during cultural visits organised by the association, interviewing high-profile people from the international community in Geneva or from the diplomatic world, or analysing the latest events of international geopolitics through written articles with a neutral political point of view. This is the mission of the Journalism Department within the Swiss Diplomacy Student Association. Furthermore, the Department actively collaborates with the Webmaster and Community Manager Departments to make its articles available on the website and on social media

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Aloïs Alric 

“Currently in my 2nd year of the Russia-Central Europe Master’s degree at the Global Studies Institute, I joined the SDSA in the spring semester of 2022. I first started in the Culture & Institutions department, participating in the organisation of conferences on different themes as well as organising cultural visits aimed at making our international members discover Swiss heritage. Passionate about the fields of information and International Relations, I had the opportunity to become responsible of the Journalism Department. By encouraging associative investment and initiative, I hope that members will be able to exercise their editorial skills and acquire new ones in order to produce quality articles for our association.”




Valérian Cérino 

“As a geographer by training, I chose to write my thesis on the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, while pursuing a Masters in International Relations, specialised in Russia and Eastern Europe at the Global Studies Institute. The Swiss Diplomacy Student Association helps me to understand the intricacies of International Geneva. I contribute to this project by sharing my analysis through articles that summarise current events or international stakes.”




David Alaverdyan 

“Being part of the SDSA is for me an exceptional opportunity. Firstly, because of my studies at the Global Studies Institute, writing articles on the geographical areas in which I’m specialized is of great use. Additionally, it is an opportunity for me to participate in a common project rooted in my passions, which are diplomacy and international relationships.”




Roland de Pury 

“Geneva is a space for international cooperation, and I have grown up here with the intention of being part of its cosmopolitan environment. By joining the SDSA, I wanted to get closer to a sphere related to diplomacy and cooperation, fields in which I would like to work. Interested in history and global geopolitics, I thought it would be relevant for me to be a part of the Journalism Department and to assist with the publication of high quality articles.” Being part of this association is for me an occasion to meet and work with students on projects closely related to the professional world. The SDSA works to popularise a field that may sometimes be perceived as elitist and inaccessible.”



Yannis Bonnet 

“By joining the SDSA, I wished to take part in activities that are concrete, that are fruitful both on the professional and social level, to the extent that I myself can contribute. As a jurist who is eager to learn, a literature lover, and passionate MAREM student, being part of the Journalism Department appeared to me as something obvious. Writing about International Relations and sharing my knowledge and analysis constitutes a great opportunity which I believe will have positive impact on my future career. Moreover, sharing and learning from other equally passionate members makes this role enjoyable and stimulating, putting devotion and personal involvement on a pedestal in my vision of the SDSA.”



Marie Durussel 

“Currently studying International Relations in Geneva, I am passionate about foreign languages and diplomacy. Being a multicultural person, I joined the SDSA because it is a big family which allows its members to work in teams on various projects. The Journalism Department gives its members numerous skills such as open-mindedness, willingness to listen and the ability to take initiative.”




Tamrat Haile 

“I joined the Journalism Department in September 2021. As a student in African Studies, I am deeply versed in African politics and diplomacy. I think being part of the Journalism Department will allow me to share my views on African politics and diplomacy with my SDSA colleagues and members, as well as with the general public. I am eager to work with the SDSA’s Journalism team to write articles which will not only be informative but also invite the reader to look at global and African diplomacy through a new perspective.”




Aline Leutwiler 

“A strong belief in diplomacy’s neccessity and efficacy brought me to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and to join the SDSA. I not only want to keep up to date with current events, but to also actively contribute to the writing within the Journalism Department. I have already worked in the Economics and Politics section of the Blick newspasper. Currently, I also work as a freelance journalist for Aerotelegraph and for a few small publications.”




Matteo Esclapes 

“The SDSA and its Journalism Department boast a wide variety of intellectual thought. Being member offers a constant stimulation, especially thanks to its community which is as enlightening as it is eclectic. As for the Journalism Department, its ambitious projects and high quality partnerships constitute precious contributions to my curriculum. The requirement of professionalism nurtures a true virtuous dynamic in me. I would add that in journalism, stakes are high and if “to misname things is to add to the misfortune of the world”, “it is our duty to do our job in an ethical and committed way.”