Department Presentation :


Narrate what hapened during the last conference or the last workshop from SDSA, transmit the feelings public went through during cultural visits organized by the association, interviewing high profile people from the International Geneva or from the diplomatic world, or analize the last events from international geopolitics through written articles with a neutral political point of view.   

That is the mission of the Journalism Department inside the Swiss Diplomacy Student Association. Furthermore, the Department actively collaborates with the Webmaster and the Community Manager to make its articles available on the website and on social media. 



A word from the department’s chief Félix Portier : 




From my youngest age, I’ve had two passions : international relationships and journalism. This appeal to everything related to international affairs can be explained by my origins (from Chablais, France and Chile) as well as by my life experience, having grown up in Australia and Switzerland. 

 My interest for journalism started when I was a child because thanks to me reading newspaper that were always around at home. Over time, I did not loose any internest in newspapers, and as a strenuous reader of Francophone Swiss press, I had the opportunity to do internships at the 24 heures newspaper, and in 2015 I worked as a sports journalist for Le Matin before doing my Bachelor in International Relationships ia the MGIMO University in Moscow. 

Coming back to Switzerland to do a Master’s Degree at the GSI (MAREM), I discovered the SDSA association while it was in its early days, and I naturally decided to join this wonerful project, who briliantly grew over the span of one year, thanks to the passion of its member. Thanks to my experience in the field of journalism, I was able to be useful as chief od the Journalism Department. What motivates me in this Department is to make our readers aware of the geopolitical stakes and the international news, with my passionated and skillful team. We do this through our articles and our “Flash News”, thus contributing to the founding goal of SDSA which is to democratize the diplomatic world and international relationships. 




Membres du département: 




Debora Francini



« I joined SDSA because I am fascinated by the intricacies of world affairs and the way the world deal with it. Within the Journalism Department, I have the opportunity to learn many new things, both regarding knowledge of international affairs and journalistic methods.What I particularly appreicate in our association are the innovative ideas, transparency, commitment and ambition. »






Enrico M. Gallo


Born in Geneva, graduated in Luxury Marketing, has collaborated with luxury brands where he acquired a vast knowledge in clock-making and jewelry. 

He also coneptualizes watch movements and has obtained a specialist title from la Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie Academy (FHH).

He teaches Marketing Sustainability at the Geneva CREA Institute, and he also teaches Marketing techniques at the European Business School. His testimony : I

“I decided to join SDSA in order to meet new students and thus be able to share this common passion of ours that is diplomacy. In my opinion, intergrating a think tank is primordial, this way of thinking allows us to have a collective approach on important issues, whether they be contemporary or timeless”.  





Valérian Cerino



« Geographer, MAREM student at the Global Studies Institute, passionated about history, political science and international relationship, specialized in conflicts in post-soviet area ; I joined SDSA in order to bring my expertise to good use and to involve myself in an association where I had the occasion to work with motivated and commited persons. »




Jihene Bachtobji


« SDSA is not just a simple association, it is an opportunity that all student passionated by international relationships, diplomacy and negociating can benefit from. When it comes to the Journalism Department, it gives us the possibility to acquire writing skills, to improve our methodology and our synthesis capacity, while dveloping our multilinguism. Besides this fulfillment, the Department drives us to be more aware and reactive to international news with a particular focus on the International Geneva. To conclude, SDSA is a family where team spirit and cohesion are its strongest assets. »






David Alaverdyan


« Being part of SDSA is for me an exceptional opportunity. Firstly, because of my studies at the Global Studies Institute, writing articles on the geographical areas in which I’m specialized is of great help. Finally, it is also for me an occasion to particpate in a common project around my passions that are diplomacy and international relationships. »






Roland de Pury


« Geneva is a space for internation cooperation and I have grown up here with the inention of being part of its cosmopolitan environment. By joining SDSA, I wanted to get closer to a sphere related to diplomacy and cooperation, fields in which I would like to work in. Interested in history and global geopolitics, I thought it would be relevant for me to be a part of the Journalism Department and to offer high quality articles redaction.

Being part of this association is for me an occasion to meet and work with students on projects closely related to the professional world. SDSA participates in popularising a field that may sometimes be percieved as elitist and inaccessible.»