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Culture and Institutions


The Culture and Institutions department aims to immerse students in the diplomatic world through visits to international organisations, both governmental and non-governmental institutions, think tanks, museums and cultural foundations. For example, we have visited the Museum of the Swiss people in the World, that highlights diplomatic relations between Switzerland and other countries, as well as the presence of Swiss people around the world. We have also visited the exhibition “War and Peace” at the Martin Bodmer foundation that featured numerous international treaties such as the Treaty of Fribourg (1516) and the treaty that brought the Thirty Years War to an end (Peace of Westphalia).

During these visits, the department helps students discover different actors who play a role in international affairs. Furthermore, the department highlights the relationship between culture and diplomacy.

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Julie Auzary Duvocelle :

“Passionate about the world of diplomacy from an early age, and keen to learn more about how nations relate to each other, the SDSA presented itself to me as an opportunity to be seized. As a student of international relations, the SDSA offers me concrete and professional opportunities to discover and enter the fascinating world of diplomacy. The Culture and Institutions Department, which I am currently leading, allows me to explore major international issues through visits to public and private organisations. Beyond this instructive and cultural aspect, the SDSA is an association where every member supports and enriches each other culturally. As such, I’m happy and grateful to be part of this association, which encourages me every day to become a better version of myself.”




Wendy Da Moura Semedo :

“The SDSA’s ambitions are in line with my reasons for coming to the University of Geneva. As a student of international relations, I joined this association to deepen my knowledge of diplomacy and the current issues it encompasses. The professionalism of the SDSA, which gives each of its members the opportunity to shape their respective professional careers, was a strong point for me.
Finally, being part of a student association with people who share the same interests as I do, is a great way to boost my academic career.”



Abir El Omari :

” As a student pursuing a Master in European Studies and has been an active member of the SDSA since February 2023. My academic background and interests are focused on global affairs and diplomacy, reflecting my passion for international relations and my commitment to understanding and engaging with complex global issues. As a member of the Culture and Institutions Department, I’m dedicated to expanding my knowledge and analyzing the intricate cultural and institutional aspects that shape global diplomacy, security and economic cooperation. My participation in SDSA and my academic pursuits showcase my passion for international relations and my aspiration to contribute to global affairs in a meaningful way.”


Alec Buchs :

“Throughout my studies in International Relations, I gained a comprehensive insight into modern global issues. Concurrently, residing on various continents provided me with exceptional prospects to cultivate a profound appreciation for cross-cultural matters, reinforced by my adeptness in more than five languages. These episodes have intensified my enthusiasm for diplomacy, a crucial domain for resolving present-day global predicaments. Joining this department provided me with an opportunity to delve into Geneva’s numerous international organisations, acquire hands-on experience and unravel the enigmatic nature of the traditionally secluded workspaces.”


Romain Huber :

“I have chosen to join the SDSA because diplomacy is a field that interests and fascinates me a lot, but one that I know too little about! I have therefore joined this association to learn more about the diplomatic world and to have a direct professional entry point into this sector, which sometimes seems obscure to me. Moreover, being a member of the Culture and Institutions department and introducing diplomacy and its major challenges through visits to international institutions in Geneva is a very enriching experience!”



Clara Maye:

“As a student in international relations, I wanted to join the SDSA to bring a practical dimension to my studies and enrich my academic journey. The professional aspect of this association, and the acquisition of new skills that will benefit me in the future, convinced me to join the Culture and Institutions department.”




Clément Liguori:

“As a second-year Master’s student in European Studies, I joined the SDSA to materialize a strong interest in international relations and the world of diplomacy. I found a welcoming student association with numerous opportunities. Being myself bi-national and oriented towards the importance of culture in the international diplomatic world, I wanted to join the “Culture and Institutions” department to be able to discover and get involved with the many international institutions that contribute to the strength and reputation of Geneva as a global city.”