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Department Overview:


The Culture and Institutions department aims to immerse students in the diplomatic world through visits to international organisations, both governmental and non-governmental institutions, think tanks, museums and cultural foundations. For example, we have visited the Museum of the Swiss people in the World, that highlights diplomatic relations between Switzerland and other countries, as well as the presence of Swiss people around the world. We have also visited the exhibition “War and Peace” at the Martin Bodmer foundation that featured numerous international treaties such as the Treaty of Fribourg (1516) and the treaty that brought the Thirty Years War to an end (Peace of Westphalia).

During these visits, the department helps students discover different actors who play a role in international affairs. Furthermore, the department highlights the relationship between culture and diplomacy.


A word from the Head of Department, Elisa Ferrante:




“I am Italian and a student in International Relations (BARI) since 2019. After getting to know numerous associations within the University of Geneva, I came across the SDSA in September 2021.
The SDSA is not just an association, but a true family composed of young people willing to broaden their culture, and to get involved to make this family grow through concrete actions within the international Geneva and the diplomatic scene.
Since the beginning, I saw the SDSA as one of the only associations that could not only widen my academic life, but also prepare me to a career in diplomacy. Therefore, I am glad to be a part of this great and important project.”





Nicolas Cavadini:


“I decided to join the SDSA as I am a student who is totally passionate about the world of diplomacy and international relations in general. This association therefore represents for me a concrete and professional possibility to enter into this world which seems to me often distant and exclusive. Moreover, I envisage for my professional future to take on, one day, a function in the field of Swiss diplomacy. I therefore strongly believe that the SDSA can give me a concrete foundation in this field.”





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