Community Manager

Department Overview :


The Community Manager’s goal is to maintain activity on the association’s social media, whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. The objective is to promote articles and all the other content produced by the association. Additionally, the Community Manager also shares other content on the SDSA’s pages from newspapers or other sources deemed relevant to diplomacy, the association’s raison d’être. The Community Manager collaborates closely with the Journalism department pour the Flash News publication on Instagram, as well as with others when some publicity is necessary for an event.


Alba Mata, Department co-chief










Ines Ben Ahmed, Department co-chief










Charlotte Denis – Designer



“Former student from the MAEE at the Global Studies Institute who has worked at the UN and the European Parliament, I joined the SDSA as a designer in order to help the association democratize diplomacy. I do my best to help them encourage people to be curios and learn more about this field.”







Alexandra Bolocan











Kozué Mariethoz











Other members : 


Inès Ben Ahmed : co-cheffe

Mouna Miri

Marie Pfammater