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Community Manager


The Community Manager Department’s goal is to maintain activity on the association’s social media, whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. The objective is to promote articles and all the other content produced by the association. Additionally, the Community Manager department also shares other content on the SDSA’s pages from newspapers or other sources deemed relevant to diplomacy, the association’s raison d’être. The Community Manager collaborates closely with the Journalism department for the Flash News publication on Instagram, as well as with others when some publicity is necessary for an event.

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Katarina Ješić 

“After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Slavic Studies and Political Science in Lausanne, I wanted to continue my academic journey by getting closer to the international scene in Geneva. I enrolled in the Master’s program in Russia and Central Europe at the Global Studies Institute. I became interested in the student associations at the University of Geneva, Which is how I got to know about the SDSA. I was quickly impressed by the ambition of its members. I decided to get involved in the Community Manager department as social media has become an integral part of communication strategies on the international stage.
Joining the SDSA has allowed me to acquire sought-after soft skills in the professional world while making new connections. Diplomacy, for me, is an essential and extremely diverse tool that enables peaceful dialogue in the world. The SDSA opens the doors to this sometimes distant and misunderstood subject, especially for young people, and allows us to engage in order to better understand future challenges.”



Laura Tschannen:

“As a translation student, I am very interested in different cultures and wish to make them understandable to people for whom these cultures remain foreign. After studying two semesters abroad in Brighton and Brussels in the second year of my bachelor studies my interest in international work, in exploring and studying different cultures and political systems increased. I think the SDSA will offer me the opportunity to broaden my horizons.”



Riccardo Schmid :

“This autumn, I embarked on my academic journey in International Relations at the University of Geneva. Early on, the SDSA student association caught my attention. Fueled by a genuine curiosity for the intricacies of the world of diplomacy and a pronounced awareness of global affairs, I decided to apply. Joining the Community Manager department seemed like a natural choice for me, allowing me to combine my passion for photography and design with the field of diplomacy.”