Community Manager

Department presentation :


The Community Manager’s goal is to maintain activity on the assocation’s social media, whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. The obk=jective is to promote articles and globally all the content produced by the association. Additionally, we also share other content on our pages, from newspapers or other sources that we deem relevant to diplomacy, our association’s raison d’être. The Community Manager collaborates closely with the Journalism department pour the Flash News publication on Instagram, as well as with others when some publicity is necessary for an event.


A word from the department’s chief Leila Izard


“Having travelled a lot while growing up, I have always aprreciated discovering news cultures, people and locations. Settled in Switzerland for a few years, it is here that I truly feel at home. Thus, I envision diplomacy to be a perfect way to merge the willingness to travel and my Swiss Identity. 

I came to Geneva to study political sciences, and I joined SDSA in September 2020. Willing to get closer to the world of diplomacy, to be a part of a dynamic assocation and getting to know different people sharing the same passion for international relationship, I gladly joined SDSA.”







Charlotte Denis – Designer


“Former student from MAEE at the Global Studies Institute who has worked at the UN and th EU Parliament, I joined SDSA as a designer to contribute, in order to help the association democratize diplomacy, by offering the best and give audience the willingnes to be more curious about this field.”