Community Manager

Department Overview:


The Community Manager department’s goal is to maintain activity on the association’s social media, whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. The objective is to promote articles and all the other content produced by the association. Additionally, the Community Manager department also shares other content on the SDSA’s pages from newspapers or other sources deemed relevant to diplomacy, the association’s raison d’être. The Community Manager collaborates closely with the Journalism department for the Flash News publication on Instagram, as well as with others when some publicity is necessary for an event.


Alba Mata, Co-Head of Department



“When I arrived in Geneva for my Bachelor in International Relations, I was looking for a way to deepen my knowledge on diplomacy and the professional world.

Passionate about international politics, global stakes and the humanitarian field, I decided to join the SDSA, not only to learn and develop future soft skills that will turn out to be essential for my professional career, but also to meet other motivated and involved students focused on their objectives, and I can also be part of a project that never ceases to grow.”







Ines Ben Ahmed, Co-Head of Department



“Student in Political Science within the Faculté des Sciences de la Société at the University of Geneva, and having grown up in a multicultural environment, I am passionate about politics and the diplomatic world. Being part of the SDSA allows me to broaden my knowledge in numerous fields and to work with people who share the same interests as me.
In my opinion, the Community Manager Department is capital. Indeed, we do live in an era where communication is primarily conducted through social networks. That is why favouring clear, efficient and concise communication constitutes a challenge that is very important for young adults.”






Alexandra Bolocan



“After a Bachelor’s Degree in Litterature obtained at the University of Geneva, my willingness to understand international stakes pushed me to undertake a Master’s Degree within the Global Studies Institute.
By joining the SDSA, I wanted to take part in completing concrete projects in the diplomatic field while acquiring new skills and making connections within International Geneva. The association’s prospect of democratisation and open-mindedness, the possibility to get involved in activities that are instructive both on a professional and personal level and the opportunity to meet a community that shares the same values are what caught my attention.
Thus, joining the Community Manager constitutes a unique occasion to spread the SDSA’s message in a creative way on social media.”