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General Secretariat


The General Secretariat department is composed of two people who head the administration and project management. They also attend to clerical tasks, including managing the association’s email, calling meetings, responding to emails, and transferring information from one department to another. Therefore, they are responsible for interdepartmental coordination and internal communication within the association. The secretaries carry out their tasks in close collaboration with the President and the Vice-President. The Secretariat also handles room reservations for events and records the minutes during committee meetings and General Assemblies. The incumbents must have a strong sense of responsibility and outstanding organization skills. Discretion is also a must, given that they work not only with the SDSA, but with external partners as well.

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Alyssa Dessouflex 

“Passionate about geopolitics and international relations since my gap year at an international school in San Diego in 2018, I‘ve been determined to shape my academic path around the world. After two years of literary preparatory classes and a year of exchange at Laval University in Quebec, where I began my first involvement in associations, I am now studying at the University of Geneva, pursuing a Master’s degree in European Studies. Upon arriving in Geneva, I wished to continue my involvement in associations, and that’s when SDSA became an obvious choice. As the Secretary-General and a member of the Committee, I have the opportunity to be an integral part of the association and ensure its smooth operation and future while also participating in the international community of Geneva.” 


Edwigna Aeberhard :

“A student in the Master’s program in European Studies, I have been fascinated by the world of diplomacy since a young age. I enthusiastically join the SDSA within the General Secretariat department to make this field accessible to all students and to meet people who share the same passion and interests as me. Convinced of the crucial impact of diplomacy in addressing global challenges, I am determined to encourage international collaboration within our student community.”