Associative Bridging

Department Overview :


The Associative Bridging Department is in charge of coordination and maintaining good relationships with the different SDSA divisions among Swiss Universities. 




A word from the co-chief Philippe Bontà :


“I joined SDSA to meet people with different perspectives and backgrounds, who share an inclusive and open vision of diplomacy.”







A word from the co-chief Tiffany Martin 


“I joined SDSA because I wanted to get closer to diplomacy and share thoughts on this field which I hold dear with other members, while providing them with my own experiences. I love to share knowledge and learn about other cultures.





Selène Kohler


« I am in my second year of studying international relations at the University of Geneva and I am a member of the Board of the European Youth Parliament in Switzerland. I have been interested in diplomacy for many years, but the more I learned about it, the more difficult it was to get involved and to find relevant information. That’s why I decided to study in Geneva. I wanted to join an association where I could get information, create networks and debate with people who share the same ideas I do. »