Associative Bridging

Department Overview:


The Associative Bridging Department is in charge of coordination and maintaining good relationships with the different SDSA divisions among Swiss Universities. 




A word from the Head of Department, Selin Varli


“I discovered the Swiss Diplomacy Student Association during my studies in Business Communication at the University of Fribourg. I was very quickly charmed by the latter, as well as by its values: respect, loyalty, accessibility, multiculturalism and quality.
I am honored to have been a member of the association for more than a year, and to be chief of the Associative Bridging Department since October 2021.
Our Department boasts commited and motivated members, whose goal is to upscale SDSA’s activites both on the national and international level, to collaborate and create bonds with students as passionate as we are.
The SDSA is for me an exciting and enlightening experience, full of wonderful encounters and incredible opportunities.
Lastly, it opens us the doors of diplomacy, an essential factor for peacekeeping in the world.”









Kevyn Andrieu





“Being on an academic exchange at UNIGE and passionate about international relations, active work and promoting diplomacy offered by the association, in Geneva and other cities, is what makes me particularly enthusiastic and is the reason why I chose to join the SDSA.”








Mehdi Currat





“First year student in International Relations at the Univeristy of Geneva, I was looking to join an association to fully expericence academic life. After I heard about the SDSA, I realized it obviously was the right association for me. Wishing to pursue a career in diplomacy after my studies, I could not pass up the opportunity to acquire new skills, useful for my future professional life, that the SDSA offered. This is why I decied to enter the Associative Bridging Department within the association.





Petros Hovhannisyan




“Second year student in International Relations at the University of Geneva, I have always been interested in diplomacy, especially by things that are not well known by non-diplomats. Thus, it was a logical step for me to join the SDSA, as it gave me the opportunity to learn more about diplomacy, to acquire skills needed to practice diplomacy and to meet new people. Currently, as a member of the Associative Bridging Department, I have the opportunity to meet people from all around the world.”






Sara Gugerli Lazos



“I’m an ambitious, dedicated student seeking to learn about the international system, global societal issues and the role diplomacy plays in the development of these issues. My aspiration is to identify social inequalities and injustices to understand the causes and aim to change. The SDSA offers an incredible forum for our voices to be heard.”







Ilaria Colciaghi




“Student in International Relations at the University of Geneva, I decied to join SDSA in order to get closer to the diplomatic world. Thanks to the Associative Bridging Department, I have the opportunity to make contacts and collaborate with other associations and universities, therefore allowing me to learn how to maintain relationships with external actors.”