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Associative Bridging

Department Overview:

The Associative Bridging Department is in charge of coordination and maintaining good relationships with the different SDSA divisions among Swiss Universities. 

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Loïc Rochat :

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Charlotte Zimmermann :

“I’m a BARI student from the german part of Switzerland and I’m fluent in several languages. Diplomacy is a fascinating, important and dynamic field, and I can’t stress enough the importance of student associations like the SDSA. I want to contribute to this and give students from all over Switzerland the opportunity to exchange knowledge, interests and ideas, and to meet like-minded people; that’s why I’m happy to be part of the coordination department.”




Andreas Elias Bernhard :

“Being an ambitious and motivated person, I want to develop myself through experiences that go beyond traditional academic boundaries. I’m looking to cultivate a network of like-minded people who can provide me with different perspectives, as well as valuable advice. The decision to join the SDSA is a strategic one aimed at understanding all the facets of a diplomatic career and making this association a launching pad for my future career.”