Department Overview :


The Treasury Department is in charge of raising funds from organizations, foundations, companies and cantonal/federal public funds in order to allow funding for activities and events organized by the SDSA, so that the association can reach its goals.





Department Chief Dan-Thomas Elbaum :










Jeanne Caversazio  :

“I joined the association because I wished to get closer to the diplomatic world and to understand it better. Grasping international stakes and participating in the association’s projects with people who are as motivated and as passionate as I am are the reasons why I joined the SDSA.”







Philippe Dubois-Pèlerin : 


“I am almost 21 years old and currently in my first year of a bachelor’s degree in international relations at the University of Geneva. I manage the SDSA’s treasury. I joined the SDSA because of my passion for international relationships and diplomacy, two subjects that I study at University. Furthermore, I wanted to put my skills as fund manager, that I gained while working as a member of another association, to good use.”








Janosch Jaeger










Other members :

Nachida Bouazdia

Matteo Braizat

Michael Brülhart

Adrien Diene

Clara George



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