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The Treasury Department is in charge of raising funds from organizations, foundations, companies and cantonal/federal public funds in order to allow funding for activities and events organized by the SDSA, so that the association can reach its goals.

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Simon E. Labarthe :

“My fervent passion for the diplomatic world has found a vibrant echo within the Swiss Diplomacy Student Association. Studying for a Master’s degree in Public Management with a specialization in Europe and International Relations, I am driven by a deep desire to contribute to the promotion of peace and disarmament. This experience strengthens my conviction in the vital importance of cooperation for a more peaceful future.”




Philippe Dubois-Pèlerin 

“I am almost 21 years old and currently in my first year of a bachelor’s degree in international relations at the University of Geneva. I manage the SDSA’s treasury. I joined the SDSA because of my passion for international relations and diplomacy, two subjects that I study at University. Furthermore, I wanted to put my skills as fund manager, that I gained while working as a member of another association, to good use.”



Chiara Boncaldo :

“Serious and motivated, I am currently a first-year student in International Relations, specializing in international politics, at the University of Geneva. Given the path I have chosen to pursue, the SDSA seemed to be the right association for me to enter the world of diplomacy and begin to actively learn and experience it.”