Our association

A few words from our founding president 


 Greetings ! 

I welcome you on the Swiss Diplomacy Student Association’s website. The association has been launched on May 19th 2019 thanks to a group of truly motivated students. Everything originated from a personal initiative. Indeed, having been interested in diplomacy for many years and wishing to work in this field, I realized when doing my Master’s degree in Geneva that there were no associations covering this area. For some people, the word “diplomacy” may seem abstract, even if it is often mentioned on the radio, on TV, and in the newspaper. Also, when I asked students what came through their mind when mentioning diplomacy, one of the answers was “elitism”. This is why, through information and awareness raising, I wanted to make people more familiar with this field, whether they be newcomers or already versed in.  The goal was also to show the extent of what is diplomacy, meaning the diplomatic career path, NGO, UN agencies and other organizations. 





Pablo Demierre

Founding President of the Swiss Diplomacy Student Association (SDSA)





The association 


The association is composed of many departments, and is centered around three main divisions : Conferences, Workshops and Cultures and Institutions. The first aims at understanding what is diplomacy and the domains it gravitates around. Indeed, when it comes to diplomacy, it is also about bilateral diplomacy and multilateral diplomacy, but also migration, environment, digital etc… The second division enables a professionalization of the associative sector, all while studying. Given that it is not always easy to acquire experience because of work or other duties, we allow students to obtain certificates that highlight soft-skills.  Finally, we wish to make student (both native and foreign) learn about all the intricacies in the international Geneva.



Our values 


  • Respect : Mutual respect is a fundamental value.
  • Loyalty :  It is one of SDSA’s primordial value. Loyalty means both membership and commitment towards the assocaition, but it also allows to move forward together to fulfill target objectives. 
  • Accessibility :  Facilitate access to informations regarding diplomacy, by targeting students as well as a broader audience.  
  • Multiculturalism : We see the promotion of each of our members’ culture as essential, and it can be reflected in the choice of what events we organize. 
  • Quality : Given that our association aims at professionalization, we maintain a certain level of quality in our events. 


The website will allow to get familiar with our different activities ans our members. 

Enjoy !