Semaine de la diplomatie : 24 - 28 avril 2023. Pour consulter le programme, cliquez ici : link


Illustrated throwback on our visit to the #goswellroad exhibition at the French Embassy in Bern last Sunday. 🇫🇷🎨

The Ambassador Frédéric Journès (French Embassy in Switzerland and Liechtenstein) greeted SDSA delegation with a warm welcome !  Our 7 members had the opportunity to converse with the Ambassador and his advisor on cultural, academic and scientific question Renaud Lallement. Discussions were about « Art and diplomacy », as well as his experience as a diplomat. 💬 🤝

Our delegation has also enjoyed a walk in the fedeal capital on a sunny late September day.🇨🇭☀️

Organized by the Culture and Institutions department, this visit in Bern constituted our first event this semester, and we are eager to meet you again for the next ones… stay tuned!

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